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Video Transcript 

Hi, I’m Diana and I’m the face behind Fae Reviews.

Are you a fan of Fantasy-Romance books?

If your answer was yes…

Well, every month I read tons of Fantasy-Romance books and review the most promising so that you can easily choose what calls to you.

You can check the tags at the top menu of my website to find them all or you can subscribe so that you don’t miss any.

Now, if your answer instead was, I don’t know what Fantasy-Romance is? I’ll leave a link to my blog post below this video so that you can explore what you’ll get from this genre.

But, briefly, picture a magical world with supernatural beings (vampires, elves, demons, you name it) who are not only battling obstacles but also fighting what their hearts want. Join me, and I guarantee, you will fall in love with this genre as I did a couple of years back.

After all, it’s the best of both worlds, Fantasy plus Romance!

So, where to start? As I said earlier, you can find my reviews on the top menu or you can subscribe for free to receive them on your inbox.

If you’re like most of us, though, time is a precious resource. So, for a premium subscription, I’ll guide you through your entire reading journey so that you can invest as little time and effort as possible while maximizing your reading satisfaction. You’ll have access to curated list recommendations, exciting releases, tested reviews, insights and guides to help you navigate your book selection and more; all thought in diverse and short formats to adjust to your preferences and time constraints.

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I hope you like what I’ve prepared for you. No matter what you do, thanks for stopping by!

As you know, reading is the perfect outlet for our daily challenges, and I want to help you remove the obstacles I’ve faced so you can cultivate all the benefits from a good reading experience.

So, come for the reviews and stay for the journey!

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About Me

My name is Diana F. Blanco. Here are a few notable things about me…

I’m a book slayer.
‣ I read 100+ books a year.

My publication schedule works like a clock.
‣ I wrote 50+ reviews last year.
‣ Expect the content in the set frequency.

Fae Reviews has been featured by the JABberwocky Literary Agency.
‣ You can check it here.

Fantasy-Romance is my favorite genre.
‣ There are always books to read, but I'm well acquainted with the genre.
‣ I've read 100+ Fan-Rom books so far and counting.