A Curse for True Love

Where some stories are cursed not to know its ending, this has certainly reached THE END…

A Curse for True Love
A Curse for True Love by Stephanie Garber, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart #3)

🔗Author: Stephanie Garber

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A Curse for True Love - Audio Review

We’ve reached the finale of this YA series.


This is a story for someone wanting to get lost in a rose-colored happily ever after and fall in love with the idea of love. 

What to Expect

  • Love triangle
  • Toxic love
  • Curses and magic
  • Romance-centered more than plot-centered
  • Induced amnesia

What I Missed

  • This series isn’t for everyone. If you like fierce female main characters and less bubbly stories—aka like me—, this isn’t for you. 
  • There are some open loops; branches or subplots without a satisfactory resolution; characters that disappeared without further reason or enough explanation.

🚨Spoiler Alert

  • What was that between Lala, Castor and Dane?
  • Is that all the explanation or no explanation we’re going to get about Jack’s apples?
  • Who was Jack before becoming a Fate?
  • What happened with Marisol and Luc after book 2?
  • After the building tension, the main events happen and you’re left like ‘that’s it?’ or ‘just like that?’

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