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About Me

My name is Diana F. Blanco, the face behind FR. Here are a few notable things about me…

I’m a book slayer.
‣ I read 120+ books a year.

My publication schedule works like a clock.
‣ I've written 100+ reviews and counting.
‣ Expect the content in the set frequency.

Fae Reviews has been featured by the JABberwocky Literary Agency.
‣ You can check it here.

Fantasy-Romance is my favorite literary genre.
‣ There are always books to read, but I'm well acquainted with the genre.
‣ I've read 200+ Fan-Rom books so far and counting.

I’m a grammar geek.
‣ Need proofreading? My eyes can’t avoid finding mistakes when present.

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About Fae Reviews

Fae Reviews is an indie and woman-owned publication. 

What’s Fae Reviews mission?

I’m your book-tour guide through the vast ocean of Fantasy-Romance and Romance literary world. I would like to help you achieve your reading goals and make that journey easier, smoother and more satisfying. Instead of investing time in what could be an overwhelming search of what to read next, I want you to invest that time in simply reading stories guaranteed to enjoy.


Any data or info you provide is private, and therefore, it’s not shared or sold to third parties.

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Yes, you can. If you have a paid membership, paid monthly, once you unsubscribe you’ll have access to the benefits until the end of your current month. If you paid yearly and unsubscribe before the expiration date, then you’ll get a refund for the following months you won’t be using the benefits. However, you’ll only receive the limited-edition apparel once the year is completed.

What’s the Contributors Page?

You’ll find a tag with this name on my website top menu. It’s a place where I like to give credit and show my appreciation for all the people, who by becoming part of this family, is supporting our mission.

What’s the Membership Card for?

Apart from identifying yourself as a member of our Fae Family, through its code, you’ll have access to special benefits like discounts in my online store.

How does me being your personal book guide work?

If you choose to subscribe to my High Fae plan, we’ll chat monthly through email to discuss your reading goal, habit, taste and what you’re interested in achieving. I’ll find and send you a selection of books tailored for your month challenge. We’ll keep monitoring your preferences in the following sessions, as well as setting small steps to take your reading journey to where you want it to be. It’s like going to a dietician of books.


Want me to proofread or review your work?

Send me an email to collabs[at]faereviews[dot]com with your request. If it’s proofreading you need, I’ll send you back a quota. If it’s a review, then you can use the same email to send the ARC and we’ll set the guidelines and deadline. For any other type of collaboration, write me and let's chat.