A Thousand Heartbeats

A more subtle version of a Jane Austen romance with a contemporary writing style…

A Thousand Heartbeats
A Thousand Heartbeats by Kiera Cass, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Thousand Heartbeats

🔗Author: Kiera Cass

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It felt like a Jane Austen story but with a more superficial approach of social issues and a more contemporary storytelling. You’ll see topics like arranged marriages, love between different social classes (not proper at the set time), but with more rebellious female characters.

What to Expect

  • Cute, tenderhearted romance
  • Enemies to lovers 
  • Insta love
  • No spice
  • Strategy, conspiracy and power plays
  • A typical princess MC but with claws
  • Rough family relationships
  • Grief, death and a bit of violence
  • Slow pace at times

What I Missed

  • I needed more tension and better arguments to recreate an enemies-to-lovers relationship. It was too insta-love, and therefore, the initial romance felt shallow.

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