Atonement of the Spine Cleaver

Hunger Games meets Crescent City in this debut that combines magic, monsters and deadly weapons…

Atonement of the Spine Cleaver
Atonement of the Spine Cleaver by F.E. Bryce, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Atonement of the Spine Cleaver (Atonement #1)

🔗Author: F.E. Bryce

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A promising beginning of a story with some solvable mishaps…


In this book, you’ll explore the value of nourishing relationships, the burden of guilt, how indoctrination can cause devastating consequences, and the hope of second chances.

What to Expect

  • Interesting magic
  • Multiple love relationships
  • Rough sex
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Potential love triangle
  • Gender-inclusive story
  • Multiple POVs
  • Diverse fantastical creatures
  • Deadly challenges
  • Death, violence, and other sensitive content
  • Politics, power plays and alliances
  • Fierced fighter as FMC

What I Missed

  • Some POVs were unnecessary and therefore, a bit boring.
  • The world was complicated—too many names, places and roles—, and even the map was unreadable and difficult to understand.
  • Too many fronts to attack in the plot—multiple enemies, multiple quests, multiple individual conflicts…
  • Also, I needed more background of the conflicts and its players: the who’s, the why’s. 
  • Some loops were left opened unsatisfactorily—e.i. there’re obvious courses of actions, but you don’t know if the characters are proceeding with them, so they become missed plot opportunities.
On style: frequent misspellings or wrong words, and weird non-lineal transitions sometimes from chapter to chapter…

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