Begin Again (Book Review)

You’ll find it easy to identify with the main issues discussed throughout. However, this is not “You Have a Match.” The cute young romantic adventure is replaced by a thorough psychological exploration. So, be prepared!

Begin Again (Book Review)
Begin Again by Emma Lord, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Begin Again

Emma Lord

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Begin Again Book Review

From the author of one of my favorite YA romances “You Have a Match,” comes this story, quite different though.


This book is like a letter from our more adult selves to younger people with the hope of helping them navigate common struggles or even avoid them. Lessons we sometimes learn the hard way: (1) knowing and fighting for yourself instead of living by others’ plans and expectations, (2) so little in life you can control and how to let it go, (3) communication and venting as key to healing, (4) being an otherish giver meaning you can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself first, and more importantly, (5) knowing that you’ll snap of whatever you need to snap out of only when you’re ready for it and that’s ok.

What to Expect

  • Extensive exploration of psychological issues through the main character

  ‒ From character traits to family issues to grieving and healing past wounds

  • A bit of a love triangle
  • Not much romance or romantic scenes, be aware…
  • Long monologues

What I Missed

  • More show, less tell
  • Romantic cute scenes
  • A progressive tension building around the romance.

  ‒ I lacked the anticipation.

  ‒ At the end, the romance went from 0 to 100 too quickly.

  ‒ There was some whiplash. The main character went back and forth, 'do I want him, don’t I?’ ‘Immense feelings, now reactionary feelings?


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