It might not be STEM, but even with vampires and werewolves, we got Hazelwood’s nerdy humor…

Bride by Ali Hazelwood, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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This is Ali Hazelwood’s debut in Fan-Rom!


I like she kept her nerdy characteristic writing style. This book was a good attempt of creating a suspenseful plot with conspiracies, power plays, drama and twists for an author used to simpler problem-solving situations.

What to Expect

  • Lighter plot compared to usual Fan-Rom stories
  • Nerdy vocabulary from time to time
  • Fun read
  • Mythological creatures
  • New insights into ⤴️ their usual features
  • Plot twists, secret agendas, betrayals
  • Arranged marriage
  • Sexual tension

What I Missed

  • I’m just going to say KNOT. Why? Please, no more knots. This animalistic quality, might be a response to Hazelwood’s academic/nerdy style, but it dampened the sexual scenes for me.

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