Check & Mate

This might not be set in the STEM world, but it still has Hazelwood’s characteristic geeky signature.

Check & Mate
Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Check & Mate

🔗Author: Ali Hazelwood

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It was good to see Ali Hazelwood’s signature in this YA debut, even though it wasn’t about STEM. The fun geekiness and the terminology was there.

In this book, we explore the burden of guilt and its consequence, stubborn isolation. After all, it’s difficult sometimes to face the truths and rely on others.

What to Expect

  • YA geeky rom-com
  • Rivals to lovers
  • Chess terminology
  • Complicated family pasts and relationships

What I Missed

  • More romance, surprisingly. There weren’t enough cute moments between the two. By the end, there was mainly a brushed speculation of their possible future.

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