Deadly Divine Duet

From an innocent flower to a tortured blooming tree… a series with a different outcome from previous Ella Field’s books—for me…

Deadly Divine Duet
Deadly Divine Duet by Ella Fields, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Deadly Divine Duet

🔗Author: Ella Fields

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I’ve read previous books from this author with unsatisfactory results. These series, however, especially book 1, was a pleasant surprise.


By the end of book 1, I guarantee you’ll be crying. The cruelty evidenced in here is heavy, but well played and felt. Also, it was interesting to see how the fae were portrayed in this series—their lack of empathy or emotions, etc.

What to Expect

  • A lot of sex
  • Strangers to lovers to enemies to back to lovers
  • Cunning strategizing and manipulation
  • Dual POV in book 2
  • Action-packed in book 1 vs not much in book 2
  • Good pace in book 1 vs too slow in book 2
  • Good plot twists
  • Very sensitive content: cruelty, torture, violence

What I Missed

  • As I said before, book 2 had a very slow pace and not much happened. The plot lost protagonism and instead, the story became too focused in the sex. Even the latter became repetitive, boring and routinely played.
  • It was a pity that book 2 didn’t show the same level of trickery, cunning and strategizing present in book 1.
  • There were a couple of cases were I felt the results weren’t solidly backed up, so I was left with doubts.

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