Divine Rivals

“The Things We Leave Unfinished” crosses the boundary of historical fiction to a fantasy war of gods with Narnia wardrobes…

Divine Rivals
Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Divine Rivals (Letters of Enchantment #1)

🔗Author: Rebecca Ross

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This is a duology.

You can find my review on the sequel here.


Ross has given us evidence of profound writing, a touching and challenging journey with a rollercoaster of emotions. It brought me back to Rebecca Yarros’s excruciating but magnificent “The Things We Leave Unfinished,” but with a touch of magic and fantasy.

What to Expect

  • War, death and devastation
  • Beautiful romance
  • Well-built characters 
  • In the crossroad of historical fiction and fantasy
  • A touch of magic
  • Divine forces at play

What I Missed

  • My only doubt is the gods’ involvement. Even though their war is the starting point for the story, I felt a disconnection between the realism and the fantasy. I don’t understand it fully at this point. This book could’ve responded better as a historical fiction or magical realism. However, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and hope the next book gives us the answers.

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