Fallen Fae Gods Series

Told with the style, lightness and mood of a rom-com, but set in a fantasy world with fantastical creatures…

Fallen Fae Gods Series
Fallen Fae Gods by Jaymin Eve, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Fallen Fae Gods Series

🔗Author: Jaymin Eve

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Gilded Wings - Audio Review

This series is a duet.


I appreciated the narration approach of the FMC, being a human trying to explain the fantasy world she found herself in through what she’d learned in reading fantasy books back on Earth.

“From the first moment I arrived in this world, I’ve been half pretending it was a fantasy book. Living in a story explained away all the fantastical experiences I was having.”

What to Expect

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Love triangle
  • Mates
  • Shallow character development
  • Insta everything
  • A bit of open loops
  • Some violence and death
  • Some spice

What I Missed

The first book showed how promising the story could have been. The second book though killed that promise for me.
  • The whole story—character, world and plot-wise—was somewhat undeveloped. Everything was told through shallow lens. There’s no real explanation and growth in the characters. The action and events lacked suspense, arguments, strategy, in summary, depth. 
  • The love triangle was lacking. I couldn’t hate one partner and fall in love with the other or vice versa. The connections were too insta and lacking an emotional hook. There weren’t enough arguments to justify the “bad attitude” of one partner in order to choose the other.
  • Too much tell, few show. I believe all these aspects are related. If we’re just told what is happening and how the characters are behaving, instead of being there with them, submerged in the story and empathizing with the situations, everything feels superfluos, and the arguments fall short.
  • At one point, the FMC reminded me of Evangeline from Once Upon a Broken Heart. She was always comparing her two love interests as if to convince herself why she should choose one and not the other; like she didn’t care who she liked as long as someone was there to love her.

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