Heart Hassle Series #1-3

Even cupids deserve a chance to love…

Heart Hassle Series #1-3
Heart Hassle by Raven Kennedy, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Heart Hassle Series #1-3

🔗Author: Raven Kennedy

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There’s a fourth book, but with a different main character.


I can see Kennedy’s evolution as a writer from this to her latest work.

The main character was refreshing and funny. It brought a unique vibe to the story, her interactions and conflicts surrounding her. This story also deals with real life aspects like power corruption, workplace dynamics and emotional connection.

What to Expect

  • Reverse harem
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Spice
  • Multidimensional world
  • Diverse fantastical creatures and powers
  • Trials, death, war, violence

What I Missed

  • The cupid was a fun character, but I would have turn it down a notch because some things should be taken seriously.
  • I didn’t understand what the fourth mate contribution was. For me, that was unnecessary.
  • The story slowed down the more it progressed throughout the series.
  • Some details are left inconclusive or without strong explanations.
  • One thing is creating intrigue, and another taking too long for the characters to figure things out, especially when the clues are self-evident. It makes them look a bit dumb.

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