Loathe to Love You

In this new feminist world, it’s encouraging to find female voices opening paths for others to follow, specially in typically ‘men environments.’ Hazelwood combines geeky language with the sweetness of romance in these three STEM novellas.

Loathe to Love You
Loathe to Love You by Ali Hazelwood, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Loathe to Love You (Novella Collection)

🔗Author: Ali Hazelwood

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This is a three-novella collection. They can be bought separately or the compendium in “Loathe to Love You.”


STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—fields have been predominantly a man’s world. Join these three women engineers while they open a path for female scientific voices to be heard and respected. You’ll explore how strong friendship thrives no matter time and distance, and how these unconditional bonds will lift you, support you, encourage you and guide you when needed. Specially book 3 has a perfect balance between science and romance.

What to Expect

  • Hate to love relationships
  • Short reading
  • Scientific terminology
  • Book 3 in particular is more geeky 👍🏻
  • Books 1 and 2 focused more in the romance
  • 3 women with 3 different and well-built personalities
  • Male characters: built-distant-gruff-silent type.
  • More romantic than spicy with scenes nonetheless.

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