My Top 10 Romance Writers and My Favorite Book of Each

What a better way to celebrate the month of love with my favorite Romance writers and the book each of them stole me with…

My Top 10 Romance Writers and My Favorite Book of Each
10 Romance writers and 10 books I recommend
*By alphabetical order


Abby Jimenez with The Friend Zone


Long-distance relationships are no easy fit, especially when you spend so much time with handsome and handy Josh. However, he wants a big family and Kristen can’t have kids. That doesn’t seem to deter their growing attraction, at least not for a while. Cards on the table, will they find common ground or break apart?


Ali Hazelwood with The Love Hypothesis


After an unexpected kiss with no other than Adam Carlsen—hot and tyrannic star professor—Olive finds herself faking a relationship with him. Both seems to benefit from the agreement. However, their experiment might get out of hands, and soon it might turn into a chemical explosion.


Christina Lauren with The Unhoneymooners


The most fun rom-com of enemies turned lovers. After an entire wedding party gets food poisoning, except for Olive and Ethan, these sworn enemies will set their differences apart to enjoy a free vacation—the bride and groom’s honeymoon. Dreamy Hawaii will be the perfect scenario for an unexpected spark, but Olive’s “bad luck” might get in the way.


Colleen Hoover with Ugly Love


When Tate meets Miles, she knows sparks are flying. But none of them is looking for love. However, their attraction is undeniable and soon agree to casual sex. There’s never anything casual about sex isn’t there? The lines blur, the rules shake, hearts break and the ugly comes out. Sometimes wounds are too deep. Can love cure all?


Emily Henry with Beach Read


Two polar opposite writers, one who ends with happily ever afters and another who kills his cast, once college enemies, now find themselves as neighbours. Both are struggling with their writing blocks and soon engage in a mutual challenge to prove each other wrong. Their adventure soon might cross the lines of fiction, but will their past usurped their future?


Katherine Center with How to Walk Away


Margaret has everything she wants: a dream job, a fiancé and a whole future ahead. However, her perfect picture life will quickly crumple and she’ll find herself in a hospital bed with nothing but darkness and shadows. There’s always light at the end at the tunnel though if she finds the will to move forward.


Penelope Douglas with Corrupt


Kika’s weakness has a name Michael Christ, her boyfriend’s older brother. Born among the wealthy and used to live as their pawn, she is eager to leave all behind and carve a place in the world for herself. Michael has other plans though. But temptation and revenge might jeopardize their long game.


Samantha Young with On Dublin Street


After an intriguing meeting, Braden finds himself wanting to get Jocelyn into his bed. However, her past scars prevent her from wanting any lasting relationship. Their passion builds into a wildfire though with the potential of burning all her insecurities and worries and giving place for new seeds to grow.


Sarah Adams with The Cheat Sheet


Bree has always been in love with her best friend and famous quarterback Nathan. Afraid he doesn’t feel the same way, she’s kept her secret until tequila makes her publicly spill her beans. After a great offer is made, they will be fake dating for some weeks. However, Nathan seems to be blurring the lines of their platonic agreement. Will their friend zone turn into a love zone?


Skye Warren with Overture


Samantha Brooks is known as a violinist prodigy. Soon to become of age, she can’t seem to avoid her curiosity towards her guardian. Liam, in his late thirties, can’t stop his mind for wandering to dark places where Samantha is concerned. Her music seems to pull all his strings. But there are secrets and danger, apart from their guardian-protégé and age gap, separating them. What happens when light chases the darkness away?

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