Shadowspell Academy (books 4-6) by Shannon Mayer

Shadowspell Academy (books 4-6) by Shannon Mayer
Shadowspell Academy written by Shannon Mayer, reviewed by Fae Reviews
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Book Series: Shadowspell Academy (Books 4 to 6) - ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Author: Shannon Mayer
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Wild and her crew have survived the Culling Trials despite more than one attempt to their lives. They even helped deal with former Director Frost, the evil chameleon—one who possess an affinity with the five houses—who’s been trying to rule the magic world, apparently. Now, they are heading to each of their house facilities to train their respective talents. However, Wild found out she is also a chameleon. The less people who find out, the better chances she has of staying alive.

Unexpected events allow Wild and her crew to reunite and stay together to fight evil once more. Things are just starting to get complicated—corruption, power struggles, dangerous alliances. Who to trust? What is really going on? Can the super crew defeat the dark powers gathering strength in the magic world?

Once more, we have three books named the same and differentiated by numbers. As we are no longer in the trials, they’ve been called The Year of the Chameleon—being the chameleon the main magical character around which all conflicts and balance of the magic world will lie.

As you may have realized, these three books have been written only by Shannon Mayer. Nevertheless, there is not much difference in style compared to the first books. What is different for instance, is the length of the books. They have 300 pages in average, instead of 200. Each book has a proper ending, which contrasts dramatically from the first three books, as I explained in the previous review. In this case, each finish where they were supposed to end. There was no random chopping. There was an important conflict fought and solved on each installment. Each book felt more justified.

I would say though that sometimes the story slowed down. There was action, but while the characters were trying to solve the puzzles, you wished the story could go forward, to get to the tension again. Also, the ending of the saga—I mean the sixth book—wasn’t entirely on point. It wasn’t disappointing, but some laces weren’t tied that tight. I felt some aspects needed a bit for resolution, more explanation. For example, there was a particular event that happens toward the end that is just mentioned and none of the characters pay much consideration to the sacrifice that’s been done, like it didn’t matter. But, it was important. An epilogue would have provided too, a breather from all the commotion, while giving us better closure. We always want to have a sneak peek into what the future can hold for the characters.

I applaud the improvements, though.

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