The Bargainer Series

First time I meet a siren, who becomes a hero despite and because of her wicked powers…

The Bargainer Series
The Bargainer Series by Laura Thalassa, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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The Bargainer Series #1-3

🔗Author: Laura Thalassa

This is a series that went down the hill with each book: an amazing beginning, a slower middle, and an underwhelming end.


It was interesting to see a siren not as evil, but as a justice seeker. You’ll explore the idea of second chances and getting up after falling—a victim turned into someone else’s nightmare.

What to Expect

  • Interesting combination of fantastical creatures
  • Age gap
  • Forced distance and later forced proximity
  • Spicy romance
  • Violence, death, torture, rape
  • Sinister enemies
  • Good pace in book 1, slows from book 2 onwards
  • Secrets and schemes
  • Psychological and emotional turmoil

What I Missed

  • There’s an issue with the AHA moments. The tension breaks quickly, the scenes are brief and sometimes the resolutions and arguments for such are unexplained. Therefore, I’m left unsatisfied with the most important moments in the story.
  • It would have enriched the plot if we’d participated with the characters in discovering the enemy and how to defeat it. It seems part of the investigation happens in the background, but you’re never sure. So, it weakens the plot and character decisions, and kills the intrigue a bit.
  • Book 3 is just sex. The plot becomes almost nonexistent: (1)There’s a prophecy that means and doesn’t mean much by the end. (2) The lack of strategy and preparation… (3) The ending so inconclusive…

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