The Book of Tea Series

An interesting debut with a promising premise and the beauty of Chinese mythology and culture. A magical take on the art of tea with a touch of fantasy and realism…

The Book of Tea Series
The Book of Tea Series by Judy I. Lin, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Series: The Book of Tea (Duology)

🔗Author: Judy I. Lin

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It was beautiful to see magic coming from something as simple as tea. The ritual, the ingredients, the different effects a brewed tea could have, all in all, its art is what shined in this series. All the love, care and respect put into nature, knowledge and ancient traditions… the craft of tea-making, the birth and elegant dance of a warrior, the preserved wisdom by a devoted monk: Chinese culture in its glory.

What to Expect

  • A combination of Magic Realism and Fantasy.
  • Chinese mythology and culture
  • YA
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • A small touch of romance
  • Court politics and conspiracies
  • Powerful evil forces
  • Life-threatening events
  • Secrets, mystery and well-built intrigue
  • A magic rooted in ancient traditions

What I Missed

  • I needed more arguments to understand and justify how the ending came to be. It was abrupt and almost too-easily solved.
  • Even when romance wasn’t a protagonist in this story, I missed more active interventions, more explanations of the connection and a bit more of love. The relationship felt flat sometimes and almost as if there wasn’t a relationship at all. They behaved more like allies or enemies or friends…

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