The Fallen (Hades Castle Trilogy #1) by C.N. Crawford

The Fallen (Hades Castle Trilogy #1) by C.N. Crawford
The Fallen written by C.N. Crawford, reviewed by Fae Reviews.
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Book: Possessed (Hades Castle Trilogy #1) - ⭐️⭐️
Author: C.N. Crawford
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Fallen angels is one of my favorite topics in the fantasy genre. There's something enticing about challenging the conceptions and rules of heaven and hell, gods and religions (with all due respect to religious people). However, this book was a disappointment. There's no intriguing and captivating action until the last couple of chapters. It's very dull and flawed.

We have the mysterious fallen angel, who's mission is somehow clear but the why not so much. He doesn't reveal much information about anything, and even when he does is not tempting enough to make you crave for more. Then we have Lila, an intriguing and resourceful woman, but who sins of stupidity due to her loyalty. You will see her repeating over and over again that she will seduce him and kill him. Funny thing, she doesn't know how it works, for how long he is vulnerable, and so on. Still, she might have only one shot to kill him and she decides to set her plan into motion without even knowing if her seduction has worked?

Furthermore, we have men rebelling against the angel. They feed Lila with a bunch of information without proof (until the end that is). Notwithstanding, it fuels her anger and thirst for revenge. I ask myself, just like that?

Finally, there are scenes that just don't make any sense. I couldn't believe my eyes. Let me give you an example. Lila needs to evade a considerable amount of soldiers who are looking for her. It's getting dark. Do you know what her best plan is? She decides to hide behind them, to march at their beat because it turns out the soldiers walk with their eyes always to the front, one two, one two. Are you seriously telling me that trained soldiers aren't going to sense her (I don't care how quiet she is) or see her through the corner of their eyes when she is so close to them? As Lila says, bollocks!

Should I give this series a second shot with the next book?

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