The Founders Trilogy

A magnificent Fantasy world with a touch of Steampunk that will keep your eyes on the page from start to finish. Step into this archaeological site to discover a parallel Rosetta Stone and the whole new Industrial Revolution it unleashes.

The Founders Trilogy
The Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Series: The Founders Trilogy

🔗Author: Robert Jackson Bennett

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This review summarizes my thoughts on the three books in this series.


Immerse yourself in a Fantasy story that mixes some aspects of science fiction with a touch of steampunk, giving you as a result, a vintage look of a present that seems to take you back to ancient times. Tevannies, a people who discovered a language, almost hieroglyphic, but with the potential of our modern programming languages… Bennett gives us a history lesson and almost like a vision of what could have been or be when power is unleashed without minding consequences and others well-being. Is he warning that there are certain technologies that shouldn’t exist? Is he raising awareness of our capacity to create and destroy?

What to Expect

  • Politics, power struggles and the unbalance of the privileged vs the unprivileged
  • Top world building
  • A wild imagination with reminiscences of the past and present
  • A magical technology—scriving—with unparalleled results and possibilities
  • A lot of action
  • Some crude and violent scenes in book 2
  • A mix of Fantasy with some elements of Science Fiction and Steampunk
  • Specially in books 1 & 2, expect great suspense
  • Interesting characters, all with particular and unique contributions

What I Missed

  • Book 3 is mostly narrated by a different character from books 1 & 2—where Sancia was the main voice. This change didn’t hook the same. Sancia’s wit and rebellious nature makes her a more appealing character to follow through the action, even though her stepping out of the spotlight is understandable.
  • Having a map would have probably damaged Bennett’s world building revelation. However, I wished I had a better visual of all the places mentioned, especially in relation to one another.
  • Book 3 was heavier on the fantastical science part and it made it a bit difficult to follow and understand sometimes.

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