The Sins on Their Bones

A convoluted macabre story, where fantasy mixes with realism casting the world in a darkness only religion might light or obscure…

The Sins on Their Bones
The Sins on Their Bones by Laura R. Samotin, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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The Sins on Their Bones

🔗Author: Laura R. Samotin

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With all due respect, what I’m left with this story is that religion is quite something. How easy it seems to be sometimes to arrange your beliefs to fit and justify your needs…

What to Expect

  • Jewish traditions and culture
  • Gruesome rituals and scenes
  • Magical realism mixed with dark fantasy
  • Queer representation and love
  • Love triangle
  • Toxic and violent love
  • A lot of sensitive content, mainly abuse of all kinds
  • Very slow pace
  • Action picks up by the end
  • Ending suggests more to come
  • Morally grey decisions

What I Missed

  • Who were the main characters? It was the spy and enemy who moved the story along, not Dimitri, the rightful tzar. I didn’t grasp him fully as a character—who he really was inside, his true personality and his evolution throughout the story.
  • The story was too slow. Nothing much happened until the middle of the book; and it was towards the end that it really picked up, and the action became more exciting.
  • It was morally grey, which would have been alright if it weren’t for certain questionable decisions; their arguments, why people reacted in a way to “evil,” but seemed to be ok when it was the “good guy.” I’m not sure which were the values guiding the story and allowing us to take a side and empathize.
  • The ending was bleak: no real happy resolution, some outcomes were very predictable, and you’re left with the feeling of getting lost in a cycle with no end. The story more or less ended where it began. A reflection of our own history? But with the same participants, I guess…

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