To Poison a King

A remarkable evolution in the main characters with a depth in them and a 'je ne sais quoi’ that touches all your emotions.

To Poison a King
To Poison a King by S.G. Prince, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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To Poison a King (The Heirs of Isla #1)

🔗Author: S.G. Prince

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I received an advanced copy in exchange of an honest review.


The evolution of the main characters, especially Selene’s, was the best part of this book. It reminded me a bit of “Fifty Shades of Grey”—from timid to confident and from darkness to light. These MCs ended up with such a depth in character that made it easy to connect with them and unleash your emotions. Also, Prince’s prose was a nice touch. It was contemporary, but with a feel of a classic, almost like reading a medieval tale or of centuries past. Finally, the ending was harsh but beautiful, the quality of a real sacrifice.

What to Expect

  • Significant arc in main characters evolution
  • Romantic tension
  • A couple of sexual scenes
  • As the author warns, suicide and sexual assault attempts
  • Toxic family relationships
  • A Fantasy leaning sometimes more towards Magic Realism and maybe even touches of paranormal
  • Considerate age gap between main characters

What I Missed

  • Persaphe’s—Selene’s mother—power and its scope was unclear at the beginning. It looked more as simple persuasion and allure than magic.
  • There were some minor loops left unsolved or inconclusive.
  • Selene’s involvement in the poisoning was something. She assuming being the king’s poisoner is another. I would have made this clear every time she expressed her culpability.
  • I would have pushed more the possibilities of fantasy; unleash more of the creatures and myths surrounding the legend; portray the characters’ magic as more fantastical, less realistic in a way.

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