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XOXO by Axie Oh, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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🔗Author: Axie Oh

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XOXO - Audio Review

There’s a companion novel to this one—with different main characters—, which I won’t read nor review, as I believe it would be similar to this book.


(a) Getting to know cultures different from yours allows for tolerance and a better understanding of the world. (b) Why is it so difficult to understand and respect everyone deserves privacy no matter their popularity?

What to Expect

  • Korean references—food and other terms
  • Famous vs regular person romance
  • Few romantic scenes
  • YA
  • Music prodigy
  • K-pop references

What I Missed

I admit there was some cultural interference in my appreciation and understanding of this story.
  • The romance was very underwhelming. There are barely scenes where the main characters interact. Also, some of their impediments were difficult to fully grasp—again cultural interference. So, all in all, the story felt a bit flat for me.

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