Zodiac Academy Series #1-4

A deep look into our world’s most devastating and cruel sins through the lens of fantasy…

Zodiac Academy Series #1-4
Zodiac Academy Series #1-4 by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Zodiac Academy Series #1-4

🔗Authors: Caroline P. & Susanne V.

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Zodiac Academy #1-4 (Audio Review)

This is a nine-book series. I’ll be writing two separate reviews to comprise all the books published to this day.


What I love about this series is how the authors treat historical-inspired events and human cruelty throughout the story. You’ll find the typical power-hungry cycle where one tyrant is eliminated to be replaced by another one or worse. You’ll see bullying, violence and cruelty, superiority dynamics, all in the name of what one thinks is for the common good. It’s excruciating, real, and tearing.

What to Expect

  • A wide array of fantastical creatures
  • Some sexual scenes
  • A lot of bullying, violence, and cruelty
  • Power and political plays
  • Complex character backgrounds
  • Elemental and shadow magic
  • A constant manifestation of resilience
  • Hate to love to hate
  • Prohibited relationships

What I Missed

  • In this first books, the story turns repetitive: prank, resilience, prank, resilience, heavier pranks, more resilience.
  • The use of Fae as a brand bordered the excess: gentlefae, Faeflix, Faeyota, cotton candfae, Cirque de Sol-Fae…
  • Giving whole chapters to secondary/tertiary characters cut the flow, and their stories didn’t necessarily add important details to the main plot.

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