Zodiac Academy Series #5-8

A never ending story? This is soul-crushing journey with some sparks of hope at the end somewhat shadowed by new trouble!

Zodiac Academy Series #5-8
Zodiac Academy Series #5-8 by Caroline P. & Susanne V., reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Zodiac Academy Series #5-8

Authors: Caroline P. & Susanne V.

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Zodiac Academy Series #5-8 (Audio Review)

It’s not over yet. We enter the second half of this series.

Book #9 is still to come out.


We keep exploring historical events and human sins through the story. We revisit the Holocaust with fantastical creatures and realities. The vivid emotions, cruelty, race for power, intolerance and superiority complex, all these issues we suffer still as a society are woven throughout the events.

What to Expect

  • New adult story with a lot of spice
  • Sensitive content: violence, torture, death
  • Racial discrimination leading to genocide
  • A lot of messy romantic relationships
  • Elemental, shadow and dark magic with an ancient twist
  • More political and power plays
  • Endless war
  • A general heartbreaking, soul-crushing and hopeless tone throughout

What I Missed

  • The constant change of POV with irrelevant characters persists.
  • The imbalance between good and evil forces is too implausible, even after explained– a bit late too, btw! 
  • This half of the series follows the same slow endless pattern: event, bad luck, the good ones lose, and repeat.
      • And in between, sex and other unimportant events are given too many pages.
      • The few important wins are quickly outshined by another event.
  • I don’t understand why there are so many prophecies.
In all honesty, the series needs some editingtoo long, too many individual characters storylines, no ending in the horizon and new pieces keep getting added to the mix.

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