A Fire in the Flesh

JLA knows how to make you feel and suffer deeply with her characters in this follow-up of Sera’s and Nyktos’s chapter.

A Fire in the Flesh
A Fire in the Flesh by Jennifer L. Armentrout, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Fire in the Flesh (Flesh and Fire #3)

🔗Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
A Fire in the Flesh - Audio Review

We’re approaching the end, only one more book to go for the grand finale of this series.

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JLA has this ability to make you feel, cry, and suffer with her characters. This book is excruciating in that sense. Also, is incredible how she loves to get so close to the edge, to those blurry lines where her arguments could backfire—e.i. the difference between rebirth and being reborn 🥴

What to Expect

  • A different side of evil
  • Some predictable outcomes
  • Cruelty, abuse and death
  • Some spice
  • No cliffhanger
  • Puzzle solution
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What I Missed

  • Even though there’s a lot of action, at some point it took too long for certain outcomes to finally happen.
  • I’m not a fan of sex scenes in moments where important decisions should me made instead, especially when those scenes take forever.
  • I needed more acknowledgment at the end that there were crucial topics to be addressed.

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