A Queen’s Shadow

More puzzle pieces have been thrown to the mix and now we’ll have to wait for the grand finale to get the whole picture!

A Queen’s Shadow
A Queen's Shadow by Melissa Kieran, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Queen’s Shadow (Wolves of Morai #2)

🔗Author: Melissa Kieran

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I liked the subtle twists in the characters that make you doubt who is playing who, who’s evil and who is not—even when their actions are morally in the grey area—, and who might be right about how the future should look like.

What to Expect

  • Enough spice
  • Secrets and deceit
  • More puzzle pieces to solve
  • Cliffhanger
  • Politics and power balance
  • Powerful and cursed magic
  • Cute pet alert 😆
My review on the first book of this series, here.

What I Missed

  • More puzzle pieces were thrown into the already complex web of unknowns and not many clues or wins were thrown to balance the mystery and hope for what’s to come.
  • Action-wise, the story felt a bit stagnant. The main characters get more insights about their new selves, but it doesn’t feel like everything advances much. This book worked more as filling, and left all for the finale.
The grand finale, A Kingdom’s Curse—one we’ll be counting the days for—is coming next year. Stay tuned!

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