A Warrior’s Fate

A complex story beautifully crafted—surprisingly so for a debut—in a world full of mythological creatures with enough puzzles, mystery, power struggles and romance to keep you craving for more.

A Warrior’s Fate
A Warrior's Fate by Melissa Kieran, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Warrior’s Fate (Wolves of Morai #1)

🔗Author: Melissa Kieran

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First, there’s a topic of friendship and trust developed throughout—beautiful bonds forged through time and complicated pasts. You can see the importance in sharing life burdens with trustworthy and loyal people. Second, there’s so much to unravel in this story, you better pay close attention to grasp all the nuances. Third, it was interesting Kieran’s take on the mating bond. It’s the first time I see it portrayed not only as something rare and powerful, but also as a fragility.

What to Expect

  • Mythological creatures first time to find them all colliding in the same story
  • Complex webbed story with a lot of puzzles
  • Love tension or lust?
  • Action-packed
  • Enough spice
  • Politics and power struggles
  • Well-built characters all with intriguing pasts and personalities
As a curiosity… For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Raven Kennedy, you might find some darkness and gold light touches in here. Night and Day Courts powers? Goldfinch and Rip? 😈

Of the Dark Moon (Wolves of Morai #1.5)

By Melissa Kieran

Recommended: Read the novella “Of the Dark Moon” before the next installment as it adds context to important characters found in book 1—the story behind Adrien and Raana—, plus adds details needed to continue the series.

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