A Soul of Ash and Blood

It’s time to revisit your cherished moments between one of our favorite couples in Fan-Rom. Our beloved Casteel has been given more voice and… 🤫 to be the death of you.

A Soul of Ash and Blood
A Soul of Ash and Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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A Soul of Ash and Blood (Blood and Ash #5)

🔗Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

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A Soul of Ash and Blood - Audio review

The 5th installment of the famous series Blood and Ash has arrived!

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Are you meeting Poppy and Casteel for the first time? You might be wondering how many books you have left. Do you know if there’ll be new additions to the already published books? Read this post to find out.


If someone has the capacity to make a story complex, while still managing to arrange the puzzle pieces into place is Jennifer L. Armentrout. So when you thought you were starting to understand all the nuances in her hierarchy of creatures, she bursts your bubble once again!

This is a retelling of the first book in the series from Casteel’s point of view, one of the favorite male characters in Fan-Rom. He’ll revisit crucial moments in his and Poppy’s journey of self-discovery and saving their kingdom. The story starts where the previous book left off, and therefore, you’ll get insights on what’s to come.

What to Expect

“You’re an absolutely stunning, murderous little creature.”
  • Same old but with an extra touch
  • The same spice from book 1—being a retelling
  • Cliffhanger ending
  • 🤯 Revelations in Armentrout’s style—puzzling, confusing and intriguing at the same time
You’ll need the context from what’s happened in the series to understand some events in this book. Likewise, some details are revealed important for what’s to come.

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