Crowns of Nyaxia Series #1-2

Vampires with feathered and featherless wings, vampires with blood and mind control, all sons of a goddess… who will gain her favor?

Crowns of Nyaxia Series #1-2
Crowns of Nyaxia Series #1-2 by Carissa Broadbent, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Crowns of Nyaxia #1-2

🔗Author: Carissa Broadbent

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Crowns of Nyaxia #1-2 (Audio Review)

This series encompasses six books. I’ll be reviewing the first two—and only published so far—, which correspond to the Nightborn duet.


The author managed to play well, especially in the first book, with intrigue. There was a lot of action and mystery, that by the end, you weren’t sure which character was evil or good, or just moved by what they thought was right or needed to be done.

What to Expect

  • A variety of vampire features and powers
  • A battle between gods, humans, and vampires
  • Violence, cruelty, and gore
  • Enemies-to-lovers romance with a bit of spice
  • Twists, secrets, and conspiracies

What I Missed

  • All in all, it was a great duet. It didn’t get more rating from me because I missed that special ‘it’ factor I seek in my 5-star club.

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