Fourth Wing

The Prison Healer meets The Scholomance with dragons and character dynamics that remind you of Casteel, Tamlin and Rhysand in a book that’ll keep you attached to the pages.

Fourth Wing
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Fourth Wing (The Empyrean #1)

🔗Author: Rebecca Yarros

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There are interesting topics explored throughout: family pride, friendship and loyalty, and moral and rule abidance. I’ll stop briefly in the latter. The cruelty of some characters, the actions and non-action of others, the forced decisions and those who break the rules, they are all moved by what they consider right and wrong; an internal compass for some misleading, for others a clear North.

If you’re team Andarna, share your love in the comments below. My favorite character for sure!

What to Expect

This book focuses mainly in Violet’s—the MC—personal journey and challenges within the military academy. I expect we’ll find more about the characters and wider conflict surrounding her in the following books.
  • Fast-paced story
  • Love triangle with a mix of friends-to-lovers and enemies-to-lovers dynamic
  • Sexual tension
  • Steamy scenes
  • Violence, fights and death
  • Variety of magical powers
  • A bit of politics and power plays
  • Some predictable outcomes
  • A couple of twists
The next book, Iron Flame, is now available! Check my review here.

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