Fall of Ruin and Wrath

JLA does it again! The beginning of an exciting story of gods, monsters, mortals and creatures in-between filled with her characteristic imagination, stubborn characters and energetic plot.

Fall of Ruin and Wrath
Fall of Ruin and Wrath by Jennifer L. Armentrout, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Fall of Ruin and Wrath (Awakening #1)

🔗Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

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I will always applaud JLA’s ability to come up with worlds where her creatures can come to life. Her imagination has no bounds, allowing her to manifest characters that even with known traits can become something else and with her unique names. Very promising story!

What to Expect

  • Antagonistic relationships
  • Strangers to lovers to potential enemies
  • A couple of hot scenes
  • Insta-passion
  • Stubborn Poppy-like protagonist
  • Interesting and mysterious bonds
  • In the lines of previous JLA’s series, character and story-wise
  • Peculiar fantastical creatures
  • Intriguing plot and interesting twists

What I Missed

  • It’s not the first time JLA comes up with fantastical creatures with unique capabilities, delimits them, and then blurs the line between categories and hierarchies. This tends to confuse as it’s unclear the possibilities of each creature and where one begins and the other ends. Then, to justify why it’s possible for a character to evolve into his species turns tricky.

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