Iron Flame

Tension, passion, shocking truths with realistic outcomes and everything you expect from this series…

Iron Flame
Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Iron Flame (The Empyrean #2)

🔗Author: Rebecca Yarros

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The Empyrean has made my 5-stars club and so well deserved!


I love that Yarros is a ruthless writer. She’s not afraid of including devastating but necessary outcomes for her characters to make the whole action credible. Also, she’s become an expert in managing tension and solving puzzles but leaving you hanging for more. In this book, you’ll explore the importance of second chances and the complexity of human nature—not everything is black and white after all.

What to Expect

  • Violence, suffering and death
  • Shocking twists and revelations
  • More spicy romance
  • Beloved and crucial second characters
  • Action-packed story
  • Great levels of tension throughout
  • Amazing cliffhanger
  • The MCs are getting even more interesting
  • Perfection, if that’s possible
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