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Gold by Raven Kennedy, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Gold (The Plated Prisoner #5)

🔗Author: Raven Kennedy

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Only one more book for this series to meet its end. Find more details ⤵️

How Many Books Make The Plated Prisoner Series?
This series has quickly become a favorite among readers. Are you familiar with it or just getting started? Read this post to find out where you are at in the series and what’s ahead on the road for you.


There was some action and some new information revealed. It isn’t a bad book. However, it’s true it was more slow paced and acted more of a filling for the series. The tension, cunning and strategy displayed in the first three books has diluted significantly. 

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What to Expect

  • Multiple POV
  • New love relationships and characters
  • Violence and sensitive scenes
  • No spice this time
  • Cliffhanger at the end
  • Revelations and solved mysteries

What I Missed

  • There’s a repeat in the formula of love relationships, so it gets a bit tiring.
  • Certain outcomes are predictable, but it takes too long to be confirmed/revealed.
  • The multiple POV pauses the action as each character is telling a different tale.
  • Some of the female characters, including Auren, tend to return to this damsel-in-distress attitude that I wish it would be replaced with more fierceness, intelligence and strategy.
  • Introducing new challenges nearing the conclusion of the series was risky.

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