Lord of Embers (The Demon Queen Trials, #2) by C.N. Crawford

We all want to know what happens between Orion and Rowan on their conquest of their relationship, mind the demon throne, too, of course. What can I say? You will need to read this second book in order to get to the juicy part we all expect to come on “Garden of Serpents,” to be released this June.

Lord of Embers (The Demon Queen Trials, #2) by C.N. Crawford
Lord of Embers written by C.N. Crawford, reviewed by Fae Reviews.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have much to share about this second book of the The Demon Queen Trials” series. I guess it had to happen for the third book to be a possibility. In here, Rowan is trying to figure out who she really is, while preparing herself for the chance to rule the demon city. At the same time, Orion is set to bring chaos to the world with or without her.

At some point it got quite slow. Also, the ending was a bit flawed. I understand the result had to happen that way. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a reason for another book to come. However, the argument for such result was weak. You see, one of the protagonists made a mistake that cost her/him gravely. It’s a mistake that was perfectly avoided as her/his reason for making that decision wasn’t necessary.

Finally, I would like to comment on the upcoming third book “Garden of Serpents,” to be released this June. Obviously, we all want to know what happens between Orion and Rowan, never mind what happens with the demons and humans. At least, this is my reason for reading this next book. Now, I believe C.N. Crawford could have been a bit more enthusiastic about this book. Have you seen the description? It’s only one sentence long explaining our protagonists will go through a series of trials to “battle for the throne.” Come on! Don’t get us so excited to read your book!

City of Thorns (The Demon Queen Trials, #1) by C.N. Crawford
When I first read the description of this book, I thought it would be another fantasy romance series to entertained myself with, bit more of the

Book 1

Garden of Serpents (The Demon Queen Trials, #3) by C.N. Crawford
Exiled and hiding among humans, Rowan has a plan to regain her crown. There’s no way she’ll let Orion destroy her world. Going through a series of trials, she trains and learns her power’s potential and demon ways to hopefully emerge as the new queen. Read full review below. Enjoy.

Book 3


Book Series: The Demon Queen Trials
City of Thorns (Book 1)
Lord of Embers (Book 2)
Garden of Serpents (Book 3)
Author: C.N. Crawford
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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