🌈 Six LGBTQ+ Book Recommendations for Every Color of the Flag

Are you looking for light, healing, or maybe spirit? Get inspired by the colors and meaning of the Pride flag through books…

🌈 Six LGBTQ+ Book Recommendations for Every Color of the Flag
Let’s celebrate Pride with these six LGBTQ+ book recommendations

10 Things that Never Happened

🧬Cheers to Life!

🔗 Author: Alexis Hall

In the original Pride flag, red is said to represent life, and what a better way to celebrate it with this classic MM romantic tale. In 10 Things that Never Happened, Sam will infuse life into grumpy and impeccable Jonathan. What starts with a tricky conversation, bumps into an accident, and ends with Sam faking amnesia to save his job. Who would have thought that opposites attract?

What I liked?

Alexis Hall delivers again. There’s sarcasm and humor, secrets and truths, different personalities, a deeper understanding of a person when you get to see past the cover, and of course, love.

Case File Compendium

💉Time to Heal!

🔗 Author: Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou

Orange stands for healing. And for this, I’ve chosen a book by a Chinese author known as Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat. She is a representation of the Danmei genre, where romance between men is given center stage. 

So, in this contemporary story, a young, rich and handsome man is withholding a secret, one known by few, being his former doctor one of those. He Yu enrolls in film school to be closer to the girl he’s in love with. But, she is no other than his former doctor’s sister—an overprotective man with a sparking, infuriating and tense relationship with He Yu. Will this doctor help heal him in body and heart?

What I Liked?

There’s intrigue, tension, action and much more to the romance. In fact, we haven’t seen much in this department yet. So, it’s still a world of possibilities, with secrets, possible romantic alliances and mystery.

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

☀️ Sun for some Light and Warmth!

🔗 Author: Mò Xiang Tóng Xiù

When demonic magic turns to death, only light can bring back life and second chances… And this is the case in this book. Again, we have a Danmei tale, this time set in ancient China. We have a powerful warrior and cultivator, who sought the demonic cultivation and brought fear to all. Now dead and reincarnated in a different body, he’ll still have to face old enemies. But, he won’t be alone. And it seems, he will find the sun to his moon.

What I Liked?

This is a story rich in culture, where you’ll explore second chances, old grudges, the fall to disgrace, but with an apparent opportunity for redemption, this magical system of light against dark, and a shy love. I’ve become quite a fan of Danmei.

This Poison Heart

🌱A Connection only Nature can Provide!

🔗 Author: Kalynn Bayron

It’s the turn for green. Is there a better queer book representing nature than This Poison Heart? In this FF young adult fan-rom, Bri will connect in ways she never thought possible with her affinity to plants. But, she’ll not only grow her powers, nature around her will bloom, and also, she’ll finally understand her inheritance and where she comes from.

What I Liked?

It had a good pace and a lot going on. Solving the puzzles brought suspense and curiosity. It was very entertaining, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. There’s magic, complex beings, a lot of mystery, friendship and betrayal, and a booming love.

Red, White & Royal Blue

👑 There’s Harmony in Balance!

🔗 Author: Casey McQuiston

A book with great hype, only royalty can achieve. Let’s meet Alex, the son of the U.S. President. Now, meet Prince Henry, the youngest in the English royalty. What could have been a great friendship, is for some reason an enmity. However, to avoid certain international catastrophe, they’ll be forced to spend time together, faking the best of friendships. But, in those instances, is when you get to peel the flower, and a whole different story blooms. Enemies, now lovers in a very delicate diplomatic position with a lot of restrictions. But even for them, life needs balance and happiness. And they’ll set together to a path towards international harmony.

What I Liked?

It touches very real and contemporary issues we face as a society, and therefore, invites you to reflect on them and how maintaining or fighting the status quo looks like.


🔮 Raise Your Spirit!

🔗 Author: F.T. Lukens

The last color in our bookish flag stands for spirit. And this is why I chose a book, where the courage of a young Ellery, his solidarity and tenacity, will literally and figuratively bring life to the people around him, specially to Knox—a being from the Other World, who will set them both in a perilous journey of self-discovery, conspiracies and puzzle solving.

What I Liked?

In contrast with other books I’ve read from this author, the plot was very coherent and strong. The arguments, the characters, the trama, it was all satisfactorily knitted. And the relationships are beautiful.
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