Shades of Magic Series #2-3

A well-knitted intricate web of characters and subplots all contributing to the bigger picture…

Shades of Magic Series #2-3
Shades of Magic #2-3 by V.E. Schwab, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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Shades of Magic #2-3

🔗Author: V.E. Schwab

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Shades of Magic #2&3 Audio Review

The end of the trilogy has arrived!


I would like to highlight Schwab’s ability to involve so many characters with their own stories and motivations, and therefore, subplots, that at the same time contribute to the bigger picture and conflict. She created an incredible and intricate web, each thread shining at one point and then blending to add its unique ingredient to the mix.

What to Expect

  • Book 2 felt more like filling, although it picks up at the end
  • Overall, a lot of subplots and action
  • Well-rounded characters
  • Detailed world
  • A couple of romantic interests
  • Intense storytelling
  • Magic at its maximum expression

What I Missed

  • Even though I understand and respect the author’s decisions, I wanted to learn more about Kell’s origin and Lila’s mysterious accident, as well as more about Black London. Its magic as an entity was a bit difficult to grasp as a concept.
If you haven’t checked it yet, here is my review of the first book in this trilogy.

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