The Dragon’s Promise

One of those Asian stories that remind me of Japanese anime movies where the author presents a beautiful tragedy…

The Dragon’s Promise
The Dragon's Promise by Elizabeth Lim, reviewed by Fae Reviews

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The Dragon’s Promise (Six Crimson Cranes #2)

🔗Author: Elizabeth Lim

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The Dragon's Promise - Audio Review

This is the sequel and final book of this duology.

Six Crimson Cranes
An unputdownable story set in a thorough and enchanting world with intriguing plots, characters, magic and adventure.

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Once again, Lim has created an enchanting and cultural-rich world with an ending bordering tragedy, but in a beautiful way. Also, we continue exploring the value of strong family bonds and friendship.

What to Expect

  • Action-packed story
  • An attempt of a love triangle
  • A star-crossed or fated love
  • Fantastical creatures and magic
  • A touch of tragedy
  • Deceit, curses and peril

What I Missed

  • It’s true that peril after peril and challenge after challenge, our characters don’t have time to rest; and therefore, sometimes the resolutions to the puzzles happen too fast, almost diminishing the importance of the scenes.
  • The disappearance or lack of protagonism of certain characters leave a hole, like there’s no closure or reason why they aren’t more involved.
  • Some slight open loops are left in the story.

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