Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Book Lovers written by Jennifer Emily H, reviewed by Fae Reviews.

What can I say? When Emily Henry writes a book involving the literary world—characters who love books or are writers/editor/agents—, she just hits the mark EVERY SINGLE TIME! Let me tell you, I wasn’t a fan at all of “People We Meet on Vacation.” However, “Beach Read” is one of my favorite contemporary romantic novels, so I’ve always kept my faith in Henry. Certainly, she didn’t disappoint.

From the 150+ books I read this 2022, Book Lovers is one of my top 13. Discover best of Books of 2022.

Book Lovers” is all you want in a romantic story:

  • a hate-love relationship
  • a forward-independent protagonist
  • a struggle to conquer for a happily ever after
  • an intriguing character of the opposite sex
  • books because of course why not
  • passionate scenes
  • a romantic ending

Sure, I wanted the ending to prolong a little bit, to have more spice in it as what we read in the rest of the pages. But, this is me being picky. I completely recommend this book to all the fans of the genre. You’ll have a fun time joining Nora in her not-so-idyllic adventures in Sunshine Falls—the typical small town a city person hates but end up moving in because they fell in love with a local (please note my sarcasm as it is part of Nora’s character). You’ll get hooked with Charlie, Nora’s counterpart in this love story. And, there are also a couple of twists and turns in there to freshen the plot. Also, I have to add that it was funny reading Henry mocking the romance genre stereotypes, considering she is a writer of romance.

All in all, thumbs up for this one! I hope you choose this book and enjoy it as much as I did.

Book: Book Lovers

Author: Emily Henry

Rating: 4

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