📚Book Rec: 🌈 Remnants of Filth + 🔥Best Releases

📚Book Rec: 🌈 Remnants of Filth + 🔥Best Releases
Fae News Issue #25, by Fae Reviews

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Fae News Issue #25 (Video Transcript)


We are venturing into a new month of celebration…travelling to a distant place…to focus on romance: a righteous warrior… a traitor…And you’ll get very hungry...

Now, moving to the releases for this month, my top two are…drum roll…

Welcome to a new edition of Fae News. Find my book picks for this month and save time choosing what to read next.

Book of the Month

Happy Pride Month! And what a better way to celebrate than by choosing an LBGTQ Fan-Room book recommendation for this issue. 

Let’s talk about Remnants of Filth, by the unpronounceable name of the author Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou, with all due respect, of course. 

As a Danmei series, this Chinese-set story is very focused on romance, on a very slow burn romance, where you’ll find a righteous, disciplined and self-restrained noble warrior in love of a once sunshine-positive type and carefree lowborn General, now an amnesiac traitor.


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In this series, you’ll get very hungry, so be sure to have some snacks close by while reading…

Let’s get serious… In this series, there’s a unique magical system, very attuned to Asian stories. You have on one hand “the right kind of magic,” so to say, and on the other hand, the demonic cultivation. Of course, the consequences of going to the dark side is in part, what will cause the debacle of one of the main characters, and further the conflict in their lands.

Apart from the moral conundrum, this is a story where you’ll explore a deep emotional turmoil, deep hurt, a burning guilt, scars from the past that merge with the present and stain the future, and an idea that I’ve seen a lot in Chinese storytelling, the fall to disgrace…

Of course, from the attires to the food, and the characters behavior, Chinese culture is impregnated everywhere. And I have to say, the writing is beautiful, and the translation was really good. 

Now, as far as I know, this series will contain five books. I’ll be posting my review of the first two books soon. There’s one more book already published, another one soon to be released, and the last one will see.

Remnants of Filth #1 almost got into my five-stars club. It was amazing. Now, the second book was ok, but more like filling. But I expect to read the whole series and discuss it further, so if you have any thoughts about it or are a fan of the Danmei genre, feel free to comment below.

Upcoming releases

Moving to the releases for this month, my top two are…drum roll:

From a staple author in Romance, comes The Rom-Commers. This time, Katherine Center presents us a battle of wills between two screenwriters, one a nobody who believes in love, and another, a god in the movie world, who thinks love is an emotional Ponzi scheme. Will their screen-play turn into a real-life rom-com?


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And moving to Fan-Rom, it’s time for the much-anticipated conclusion of the series Legacy of Orïsha by Tomi Adeyemi. In Children of Anguish and Anarchy, Zélie will wake up to a different reality than what she expected after that fateful night… that I’m not revealing more about. It seems we’ll see new characters, enemies and allies. So, hmmm what will happen with the magic of the Orïshas, the love and betrayal and fate of all the characters? Not much longer to find out…

If you’re curious as to other promising books coming out soon, check out the Dive Deeper section below!


If you want to explore more about the vast literary world of Fan-Rom books, be so kind as to check all the links I’ll be leaving below this video.

Finding what to read next and narrowing your options have never been easier. Thank you for watching. See you soon!

Dive Deeper


Check out other promising releases coming this month:
I can't wait especially for the first! 😄


Stay tuned to my reviews of Remnant of Filth and Legacy of Orïsha coming on June and July!


Are you a fan of Skye Warren’s rough age-gap romances? Don’t miss her latest series Tanglewood University! Here’s what you can expect from it:


I’ll be posting soon a special on Pride Month! I’ll keep you posted…

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