🎯Fae Reviews’s New Year Resolutions + 🔥 Thrilling Releases

🎯Fae Reviews’s New Year Resolutions + 🔥 Thrilling Releases
Fae News Issue #20, by Fae Reviews

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  • Book of the Month: What’s coming next in Fae Reviews…
  • Upcoming Releases: A Sarah J. Maas sequel plus a couple of exciting Fan and Rom books.
  • Dive Deeper: Complementary reading and links.

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Newsletter Issue #20 (Video Transcript)

New year, new resolutions… What’s coming in Fae Reviews?


Hi! I’m Diana, the face behind Fae Reviews. Welcome to a new edition of my newsletter. Find my book picks for this month and save time choosing what to read next.

New Plans

First of all, happy 2024!

I wanted to start the year with a lighter version of my newsletter. We are all adapting to a new and fresh beginning, meditating on what we want to accomplish, dreaming of the adventures to come. And the same goes for Fae Reviews. 

So, let me catch you up briefly to what you can expect for the following months. First, we are updating our website; reevaluating its structure, content, formats and all that; adding some sections here and there… you know sparking things up. Do you have anything to say, add or change? Leave a comment, send me an email or contact me through any of my social media platforms.

Also, our subscription packages have been recently revamped to offer a new customized guidance to help you with your reading habit and book preferences. You can check it out in the link below.

And talking about habits, new year’s resolutions are all about them. We’ll be definitely discussing about this… my tips and tricks to reading for real! By the way, have you set your reading goal for this year already? Join me in my challenge! 

Don’t get spooked by the number. Everything is valid. You reading journey is yours and yours alone!


Before we continue, help me spread some goodness by sharing this video with a friend. Thank you for supporting my work.


Back into our plans, why not create reviews on a video format, right? And what about other interesting bookish content? Yeah, definitely. This means, you better go and subscribe to my Youtube channel, because this year it will go on fire!

There are some other things cooking in the oven. I’ll keep you posted!

Upcoming releases

Now, to the juicy part, let’s find out the upcoming and promising releases for this month:

From beloved Fan-Rom author Sarah J. Maas, comes the very anticipated sequel of her Crescent City series, and I’ve heard that she’s working on the next ACOTAR book as well, so… But talking about the coming House of Flame and Shadow, I can’t really say much in case you didn’t read the previous book. 

What I can do is ask you to kindly go check out my blog post on Maas’s series and my review of books 1 and 2 to be informed of everything. Also, if you’re new to this series, I advise you to read first ACOTAR or A Court of Thorns and Roses to get familiarized with Maas’s writing style. All the links are below this video.

Continuing with another sequel, this time by Amélie Wen Zhao, we have Dark Star Burning, Ash Falls White. It was released earlier this month. I admit I’m not a fan of complicated and difficult-to-remember titles, but Song of the Last Kingdom is a beautiful Chinese-inspired series of colonisation, magic, young fighters and a challenging sweet romance. Also, what the book falls short title-wise it compensates it with a breathtaking cover.


Hey, couldn’t resist temptation and found yourself in the library, but don’t know what to pick? Download my “On the Go” guide to your mobile, so that you can carry an interesting selection of books all the time, right at your fingertips.


Finishing the list with Romance, I leave you with a book from the author of one of my favourite young adult stories, You Have a Match. Coming on January 25, The Getaway List by Emma Lord, will find you chasing adventures in New York with best friends Riley and Tom. On a quest of self-discovery, it seems Riley will not only get in touch with her inner likings, but with something deeper inside her heart.


Finding what to read next and narrowing your options have never been easier. See you next month!

Dive Deeper


I’ll be posting regularly soon on my Youtube channel. If you haven’t yet, check it out here.


New to the Crescent City series? Read my review of the first two books before House of Flame and Shadow’s release on Jan. 30.


Sarah J. Maas’s universe is vast. Check out my blog post here on some of her series to get up to speed.


Interested in Amélie Wen Zhao’s series? Then, this review is for you.


New year, new discounts! My online shop has 10% off (offer available until Feb. 17). Browse here.

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