How Many Books Make The Empyrean Series?

Some are already comparing it with Harry Potter and the like thanks to its booming fandom. Find out everything you need to know about it.

How Many Books Make The Empyrean Series?
How Many Books Make The Empyrean Series, Book Order, Summaries and More...

Already Published

1. "Fourth Wing"


Meant to become a scribe, Violet is being forced to train as a dragon rider—a perilous enterprise. Beware of the other cadets and the dragons that might burn you instead of bond! With a fragile body but courageous soul, she’ll venture in this life-threatening adventure in the mist of a war with enemies inside and outside, and a challenge involving her heart.



  • Violet Sorrengail—daughter of the director of Basqiath, the military academy. 
  • Xaden Riorson—enemy of the Sorrengail’s and powerful leader and dragon rider.

Worth-Mentioning Secondary:

  • Dain Aetos—Violet’s childhood friend and possible ally
  • Liam Mairi—Violet’s bodyguard
  • Andarna—the funniest and coolest of dragons
  • Jack Barlowe—the academy bully and Violet’s most outspoken enemy


This book focuses mainly in Violet’s personal journey and challenges through her first year in Basgiath.

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2. "Iron Flame"


Violet has survived her first year in Basgiath. Body strengthened, obstacles overcome, dragon bonded… She even fell for her ‘enemy.’ But more secrets are revealed, and new enemies surround her—the cost of fighting in the right side of the battle. Only her wit, inner strength and determination might help this time.


Crucial Supporting Roles:

  • Violet’s Squad—her fellow cadets, allies and friends
  • The Sorrengail Family—they will all play their part in here
  • Major Varrish—Violet’s new and vindictive enemy
  • Tairn and Andarna—our beloved dragon representation


The conflict has now spread outside Basgiath’s walls and the battles are getting more realistic by the minute. We reach new levels of tension.

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Current "The Empyrean" Book Order

The Empyrean by Rebecca Yarros, image by Fae Reviews

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Expected to Be Published

This is supposed to be a five-book series. So, there are three more books to come.

Note: This is a developing post. As soon as Rebecca Yarros announces more info on the coming books, it will be added. Please check back for updates.

More Like This

One of the aspects that has caught readers support was the fact that Violet, the FMC, has a physical struggle, translated into Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome—a constraint Yarros is first-hand acquainted with.

What is Ehlers-Danlos’s Syndrome?

It’s a disorder that affects mainly the joints and skin. Therefore, people affected tend to be very flexible and suffer joint pain and dislocations. Also, as their skin is more fragile, it wounds easily and those wounds might not heal properly (Mayo Clinic).

So, I wanted to share other books where our protagonists have to fight evil while adapting and overcoming physical constraints:

The Harbinger Series

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

In this series, Trinity, the female protagonist, has a deathly secret. And because of it, she’s being trained, for one day, she’ll be called to fulfil her true purpose. However, she’ll have to fight demons, while being almost blind.

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