Wild Lands (Savage Lands, #2) by Stacey Marie Brown

Wild Lands (Savage Lands, #2) by Stacey Marie Brown
Wild Lands written by Stacey Marie Brown, reviewed by Fae Reviews.
"Death and violence also follow me like a shadow."

In this second book, Brexley is again a prisoner after Warwick traded her. Under Killian, the Fae Lord, she starts pilling layers of secrets, while luring what seems to be every single man or fae on Earth. It appears that not only she is a magnet for danger, death, and violence, but also lust and attraction. She is the nectar every bee seems to crave for. We still don't know why is that, and at a certain point I didn't mind it, but it's starting to become problematic for me. I'm a romantic. I find it conflicting when the story doesn't allow me to fall in love with the favorite couple, but instead it's providing me with too many unwanted suitors.

In my review of the first book, I referenced two fantasy series that I can't stop but see their influence in this Stacey Marie Brown saga. Some of the power of Brex and Warwick's connection, reminds me of some of Ryder's magic (The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins). Killian's reaction to certain events reminds me of Tamlin's temperament (A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas). Whether it's conscious or not, it seems we can't avoid comparing and mixing elements from everywhere. After all, everything is a remix.

I only have two minor critics. One, I'm still not convinced how naive Brex is sometimes. After everything she's been through, her thoughts and actions not always match what you expect or hope for in a strong female character. She's grown certainly, and I love that despite her strength and skill-specially fighting skills-we still get to see her vulnerability. She is not perfect, and that makes her real. Still, you would assume by now that she understands more the mechanics of life and the game she's been forced to play.

Second, again, I'm a romantic. I said it in my previous review. Brex and Warwick are kept for too long in their bubble. If you don't give us food, we starve, but after some time, our stomach gets used to the lack of it and the bubble deflates. In the words of one of the characters:

"Will you two fuck and get it over with?"

And I add, please!

At last, do you remember I was confused by how the first book ended? Well, we are given more pieces of the puzzle and it's starting to come together. I have still some doubts about they way things went, like I'm not sure about the timing of the events. There are aspects I'm not convinced yet, but as I've seen how the author has solved the other conflicts in a satisfactory way, I have faith this puzzle will have the same resolution.

I enjoyed reading the book. It was full of action, revelations and tension. There is still a lot to be unfold, so let's see how the story ends.

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