📚Book Rec: Gild + 🔥Fan & Rom Series Starts and Ends, and More

📚Book Rec: Gild + 🔥Fan & Rom Series Starts and Ends, and More
Fae News Issue #16, by Fae Reviews

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Fae Bard Issue #16 (Video Transcript)

Hi! I’m Diana, the face behind Fae Reviews. It’s the first Friday of the month, so it’s time for a new edition of my videoletter Fae Bard. Find my book picks for this month and save time choosing what to read next.

Book of the Month

Let’s talk about a book that sheds some light on the Fantasy-Romance genre. From an up-and-coming voice, Raven Kennedy, comes Gild. The first book in The Plated Prisoner series, with an interesting reinterpretation of Midas’s myth, the king who turns everything he touches into gold.

Here, you’ll meet Auren, the gold-touched favored of King Midas, a pretty pet in a pretty golden cage. In his arms she found safety and love. However, she is starting to feel uncomfortable, troubled, unsettled. And, soon, her trust is broken. Midas’s ambition seems to have no bound. But the outside world is so terrifying that she might wished she had never questioned her life at his side.

Not everything that shines is gold, but it can certainly blind you. And with such power and wealth in your hands… well, you might enjoy drowning in it, but be careful what you wish for, you never know if or when the universe might grant your deepest desires.

In this series, you’ll enjoy Auren’s growth journey from a gilded pet to a glowing golden light in her own. There’re secrets, harrowing pasts, powerful and cunning rulers, plots, political conflicts and a lot of gold. And if you like spicy stories, you’ll find enough here, specially from the second book onward.

You can check my blog post on how many books make this series, but just so that you know, at the end of this year, it’s coming to an end; one I’m planning to have a front sit at.

Upcoming releases

Let’s check out the upcoming and promising releases for this month:

From Lucy Score, comes the last book in the Knockemout series, following three brothers, two by blood, other by choice, and the three women who captivated and shook their world. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the previous books, but Sloane and Lucian is the couple fans have been anxiously waiting to read more about. I hope this enemies-to-lovers romance meets everyone’s expectations. To read more about my thoughts on this series, I’ll leave the link to my review below.

Continuing with Beth O’Leary, author of The Flatshare, comes another rom-com, where Izzy and Lucas will have to set their rivalry apart to save their job and the beloved hotel where they work. Who said returning guests’ lost wedding rings could shake things up?

And moving to Fan-Rom, we have three promising releases:

First is Fall of Ruin and Wrath, coming on September 12, the beginning of a new series by Jennifer Armentrout. You may know her for the Blood and Ash series. This time, we have a mixture of gods’ wrath, monsters who feed on mortal pleasure, royalty and what seems a cunning female protagonist. What can I say, she is an auto buy author for me, no matter the story behind.

Next comes The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin. To be released on the 26th, here is a story with vampires and what appears to be their hunters? The description is not very detailed, but she is still a voice to check out.

And finally, we have The Fragile Threads of Power by Victoria Schwab. More than Fan-Rom, she is into Fantasy with some sparks now and then. Set in the world of her popular series Shades of Magic, I believe we’ll be seeing beloved characters from this past series, a typical object in the mix with the potential of uprooting everything plus some new threats, magic and faces.

Dive Deeper

If you’ll like to explore more the literary world of Fantasy-Romance and its vast ocean of stories, I’ll leave you some further reading to help you make informed decisions and therefore, maximize your TBR and reading experience.

You can find all the related links below this video.

Finding what to read next and narrowing your options have never been easier. Thank you for watching. See you next month!


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Dive Deeper


Check out my review of The Plated Prisoner series, plus my blog post on how many books conform it.


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