A 2023 Wrap-Up with My Top Choices

From 2023 releases to books on my TBR whose turn had come, here are my recommendations in Romance and Fan-Rom!

A 2023 Wrap-Up with My Top Choices
Fae Reviews 2023 Book Recommendations
The following are taken from the books I read this year, regardless of their publication date.

A Must Read

There was one book who got into my 5-stars club, making it the best of the best released during 2023.

Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

It’s the second book in an ongoing series, so you’ll have to check out the first book—which was also really good—to get up to speed.


Violet has survived her first year in Basgiath. She’s strengthen her body, survived every obstacle, met some dragons and ‘interacted’ with her ‘enemy.’ But as truths are revealed, and new enemies surround her, she will have to balance her own truths and lies if she wants to fight in the right side of the battle. Only her wit, inner strength and determination might help her this time…

Find out everything you need to know about The Empyrean series here.

Top 5 Fan-Rom Novels

A year with a lot of series beginnings… Here are my top 5 Fantasy-Romance books:

Fae Reviews Top 5 Fan-Rom Novels

A Soul of Ash and Blood

This is the 5th book of the famous Blood and Ash series, where opposite forces collide in an epic battle. But peace is fleeting and there is still an evil storm to control. As Poppy falls into stasis, Casteel’s hope for her safe return will lie in their shared story. And so, he sets us in a journey to revisit the crucial events that set them both in the same path. Find out more about the whole series here.

Divine Rivals

The gods are at war again. Iris’s brother is called to fight. Meanwhile, she struggles to keep her family afloat. Her best chances are in winning a promotion as columnist in the Oath Gazette. However, she has a tough competitor. Soon, she’ll start sending letters to her brother through her wardrobe to vent, only for them to arrive at the hands of her rival colleague. They’ll forge an anonymous connection that may take them through a deathly path. Check my review.

Fall of Ruin and Wrath

Calista, a mortal with an inner compass lives as a courtesan under the protection of the Baron of Archwood in a world where monsters feed from their pleasure. However, her gift guides her to save a powerful prince. This action will bring their paths together in more ways than one; an inexplicable connection that will light a fire in a war against fate and power-hungry creatures. Check my review.

Not the Witch You Wed

A fun fan-rom novel, where two frenemies, a witch and a wolf shifter fake a relationship to get some powerful people off their backs. However, their shared pasts seem to still have some weight, and soon the scales will shift to an interesting side. This is a standalone, but also the first book of the Supernatural Singles series.

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night

Lan is a songgirl in a conquered world. After her mother was killed by the Elantians, she was left with a mysterious mark on her wrist and many questions of her past. Zen, a practitioner—believed to be part of fables—saves her life and together they will try to uncover the magical secrets of their people and find a way to free them from their oppressive colonizers. Here’s my review.

Top 5 Romance Novels

It was difficult to narrow down my romantic literary year, but here are my top novels:

Fae Reviews Top 5 Romance Novels

All My Rage

Best friends Noor and Sal have gotten distant after their Fight. Life doesn’t wait for them to figure it out though, as challenge after challenge will be thrown at them from all directions. Together or separate, they’ll have to find their way and put things on a scale to determine what’s worth fighting for. Read my review of this 5-stars-club book.

Binding 13

The young rugby star seems to have everything under control… until not. Add to the equation, the shy new girl who’s hiding a troublesome past and family situation. Their paths will collide, intertwine and strengthen under friendship, love, secrets, pressure and pain; Another 5-stars-club addition not to miss.

Happy Place

Harriet and Wyn have secretly broken up, but they must fake it in front of their best friends. They are all getting together in their usual vacation cottage, probably for the last time, as the place is for sale. It seems being under the same roof will prove to be a challenge. After some revelations, secrets unveiled and a deep emotional examination, will they all get their happy ending? Check out my review.

The Summer of Broken Rules

For fans of You Have a Match, get in the game with Meredith as their family tradition takes place in Martha’s Vineyard preceding her cousin’s wedding. A story filled with grief, heartbreak, family time, alliances, YA love, strategy and truths.

The Things We Leave Unfinished

A dramatic, excruciating and realistic love story between the past and the present; a romance wove through war and printed in painful and hopeful words, and a contemporary relationship, born with the attempt to bring that manuscript to life. There aren’t enough words to describe this magnificent book.

Top 5 Series

Most of the following are ongoing series, check them out:

Fae Reviews Top 5 Series

Crowns of Nyaxia

Oraya is a human adopted as the daughter of the Nightborne vampire king. She is determined to carve her way in a place meant to kill her. For such, she enters the Kejari—a ruthless tournament, where the fiercest and strongest vampires compete, and only one can win the favor of the goddess of death. She soon finds herself as the ally of her enemy, but nothing is as it seems. And soon, as war brews, she’ll find herself in the middle of great mystery, secrets, conspiracies, and devastating truths.

Kingdom of Lies

A woman with secret magic must run, hide, and learn to fend for herself. Meanwhile, green eyes hunt her dreams, and when she finally meets their owner, she comes face to face with a ruthless mercenary who prefers to leave her to die. They’ll form an alliance though, and more than a truce might result along the way. A story full of secrets, peril and a looming war.

Six Crimson Cranes

Princess Shiori has to hide her forbidden magic. But when she’s discovered by her stepmother, she’s banished and her brothers turned into cranes. She’ll soon find how dangerous her adventure to correct all the wrongs is, especially when conspiracy and powerful creatures are lurking in the horizon. However, she’ll find an alliance and even a possible love-triangle along the way. Check my reviews of book 1 and book 2.

The Empyrean

Meant to become a scribe, but forced to train as a dragon rider, Violet, with her fragile body but courageous spirit, will have to survive this perilous adventure, bewaring of enemies inside and outside the military academy, while warding her heart and soul from all the truths, secrets, feelings and overwhelming reality she’ll soon face. Check my reviews of book 1 and book 2.

Wolves of Morai

Isla is about to enter the Hunt, a trial if successful will grant her the desired title of warrior. She soon discovers she has a mate though, and her dream might come to crumbles. They decide to ignore their bond and go their separate ways, but destiny seems to have a different plan for them. As enemy forces gather around, secrets are uncovered and wicked plots are shaped, they’ll find together they can better confront all the challenges. Check my reviews of book 1 and book 2.

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